Our Story

Candelo Solutions was founded in 2012 as one of the first wholesalers of LED general lighting products to the Australian market.

After Covid, Candelo shifted into UVC lighting and is the Australian distributor and investor in www.reflectair.com which manufacturers the most high performance upper air UVC devices currently available.

In 2021 we began to invest in Far UVC lighting product design and aim to release the potential of Far UVC by building low cost lamps.

Our team is based in Brisbane, Australia and our R&D and manufacturing is based in Zhaoqing, China.

Our Team

Janick Simeray

Janick is a French-born, Shenzhen-based engineer and physicist who has been inventing exciting novel products for over 15 years. From his location in China’s foremost manufacturing hub, Janick draws on his design genius to devise innovative solutions in line with emerging challenges and opportunities.

Stuart Holt

Stuart is an engineer with years of experience in international trade, manufacturing and product compliance, with a particular focus on energy-efficiency, renewable energy and solar PV, micro-mobility and a range of other emerging technologies, most recently Far UVC germicidal lighting. Leveraging his network of global distributors, he has facilitated the flow of many new and exciting products into markets around the globe.

Oliver Hildebrand

Originally from a journalism background, Oliver has since worked in copywriting, graphic design and web-development roles in the private sector. He has significant experience in B2B-sales and marketing, technical documentation and social media.